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Fight Against Hunger

A nutritious meal has the power to transform a child into well developed, happy and hopeful young person with a bright future.

A child dies every 15 seconds due to a lack of essential nutrients and being underweight. Against this heart-breaking backdrop it’s clear that more needs to be done to take a stand against this rising pandemic.

When a child doesn’t get the right nutrients and nourishment, the brain doesn’t develop as it should and neither do the gross motor skills, so you will see a drop in concentration ability and memory.  These are crucial in learning environments.

This simple, yet impactful story, told by drawings of the children raise awareness about the difference a nutritious meal makes to the life of a child. Children experience malnutrition from being over and underweight coupled with various vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

“When a child doesn’t get the right nutrients, malnutrition can manifest both mentally and physically. Classic examples would be a decrease in concentration, memory and fatigue as well as delayed or stunted development of muscle and bones,” This is according to a professional dietician.