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Village Spotlight: Meet Kitso

Kitso is a charming girl with a beautiful singing voice. Her life prior to coming to the Village meant that she was very reserved, quiet and unsure of herself.

With the help of a Social Worker and the love of an SOS Mother, her confidence has been restored; she is a smiling, confident person, engaged in Village activities, who loves to dance and sing in the choir.

She is also regularly participates in a karate club. Kitso herself said: “karate takes a lot of practice. I like the sport but we have to do what the sensei says as he is very strict”. This discipline and competition has also helped Kitso. Kitso is in grade 3 at her local primary school, and is benefitting from extra assistance in some of the classes she finds most difficult.

Reason for Being Part of the SOS CVSA Family
Kitso’s story is heart-breaking; she is one of five siblings who were removed from their mother’s care after being severely neglected and abused, abuse for which her father was later jailed. In 2009, she and her siblings got a new start at an SOS Village.

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