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The Legacy Lives On

Women should stand up and prevent the abuse of another vulnerable child- something that can be celebrated for the next sixty years.

In the month of August, we celebrated sixty years of remembering the work of brave women in South Africa who organised themselves to oppose an introduction of pass laws for women. This was a stone in their shoes and instead of enduring the pain they decided to stop everything and remove the stone before it could cause pain and ruin lives.
Sixty years after that day in 1956, we continue to live with challenges that affect us, our families and our communities. Our children, especially girl children are being abused and this touches us deeply. The girl child is not safe in her family, at school, in church and in the community. Somewhere there is a person who is slowly warming his way, planning while waiting for the right moment to pounce on a vulnerable girl child.
If we as women will not step in and disturb the plans, no one else will do it. I am specifically appealing to women who understand the pain of being abused, to stand up and prevent yet another abuse that is being planned. We have tools, the Country’s constitution and Children’s Act that will provide us with the needed backing.
In SOS Children’s Villages South Africa we have policies (the child protection policy) and we take advantage of the powerful Children’s Act and other National laws such as the Sexual Offences act, to make sure that all children in our care are protected from yet another abuse.
We wish to partner with Organisations and Institutions including the media, to make sure that all children grow up in a safe environment that will enable them to develop into adults who will be able to care for their own families, having learnt from us.
Let us not procrastinate. Now is the time for the big leap.