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World Health Day

A healthy child is a happy child.

Today we take note of the importance of health care for any human being and more especially to the children under our care. SOS Children’s Villages amongst many concerns was created to elleviate poverty and protect children from any harmful or detrimental situations. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide for children across the world with health care services to help improve the quality of living in various communities.

Some of our beliefs include allowing children with disabilities and able children to live together in friendly living environment. Through regular professional health and development supervision, we have found that early intervention shows that 50% of disabilities are preventable. If disability is identified early, development opportunities can improve the child’s situation extremely.

SOS has established effective measures to prevent HIV infection among children, young people and caregivers are integral to all programmes implemented and supported by the organisation. All SOS programmes, from service delivery to advocacy, actively work towards reducing the stigma and discrimination, which people face because of their HIV status. Protection and support measures for children and families affected by HIV and AIDS are built into SOS programmes to reduce the burden on children’s lies and to improve their chances of survival and development. The involvement of children and young people is key to the response to of the epidemic. They are empowered to take a leading role as advocates and educators, and they participate in developing, implementing and evaluating programmes that address them. Children’s views are heard and given due weight in all decisions that affect their lives. Partnerships with key stakeholders allow for strong responses to children and families’ needs as well as to strengthen the accountability of those whose responsibility it is to realise children’s rights.

Our policies reflect the importance of making sure that children are taken off of by not only providing shelter, security, love but also ensuring that each child is given the chance to live a healthy lifestyle. Our child development policy puts emphasis on direct care, protection, food and nutrition, and shelter as well as preventive and curative health care and psychosocial support.