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Earn the Right to Wear Your Tekkies on National Tekkie Tax day

Spread the word. It’s almost time for National Tekkie Tax day here’s how you can make a difference and get involved.

Buy your Tekkie Tax stickers and laces and earn the right to wear your tekkies to work for a day. National Tekkie Tax Day is an Annual National fundraising campaign organized by 11 national welfare organisations, which represent more than 100 NGO’s countrywide.

Join in the fun on 27 May 2016 by purchasing stickers for R10 or get yourself trendy Tekkie Tax shoelaces for just R35 (stickers included). Wearing your sticker on the day symbolises your support to the cause of your choice, there are five causes to choose from;
• Animals
• Bring hope
• Children
• Disability
• Education

The Campaign has managed to raise R13.7 million in the past 3 years, it has quickly become one of South Africa’s most innovative and significant national fundraising campaigns and all proceeds will be amongst the various NGOs represented.
Support this initiative by buying your pack from the following service providers:
• All participating Non- profit organisations
• Clicks
• Toys R Us/Reggies/Babies R Us
• Order from the tekkie tax website:
Make your tekkies work for you, wear them to the gym, for a walk, to work or help out at your local NGO.

Take a selfie with your tekkies/sticker and tag us on you post #soschildernsvillagesZA