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Call For Proposals: Full Assessment/Evaluation Of SOS Social Centre Programmes In Qwa-Qwa, Sekhukhune & Mathanjane

SOS Children’s Villages South Africa (SOSSA) is looking for a qualified consultant or agency to conduct a full assessment of its 3 Social Centers programmes situated in Sekhukhune (Limpopo), Mathanjane (Mpumalanga) and Qwa Qwa (Free State).

Purpose of the full assessment

The purpose of the full assessment is to assess the relevance, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the project. In addition, the evaluation will also assess project implementation lessons learnt, emerging models and approaches.

Full assessment objectives

The primary objectives of the full assessment are as follows:

  • To examine to what extent the programme has reached the objectives i.e. the demonstrable effects of the support according to the defined expected results of the project. In addition, the objectives of this full assessment are primarily undertaken for learning and accountability purposes as well as to assure that above sub-projects are relevant, effective and efficient. The programme full assessment should therefore assess the programme design, implementation plans and, more importantly, results in terms of outcomes rather than outputs.

The secondary objectives of the full assessment are:

  • To assist the Social Centre Programme and its staff to improve their processes and procedures.
  • To assess the Social Centers Programme governance and internal control systems.


The Consultant should finalize a full assessment methodology and work plan. The full assessment methodology design should include where necessary:

  • Reviewing documents and analyzing existing data related to the Social Centre Programme
  • On-site visits to the Social Centre Programme, and in-person interviewing key role players within the Social Centre Programme, in particular the Programme Director; the Family Strengthening Community Development Workers; the partner organizations; the staff from the Department of Social Development and programme participants (children, youth and families).


A full assessment report with findings “lessons learnt”; and recommendations is to be taken into account. The report should include an executive summary including those of findings and recommendations.

Timing, duration, Timelines and progress reports

The full assessment will be conducted over a period as per stipulation in the full assessment Terms of Reference. The Consultant will be required to provide regular updates and will report directly to the Head of Programme Development at agreed intervals. The success will be measured against the objectivity, relevance, quality and completion of the study.


Your proposal should include a budget which should be based on the stipulations of the full assessment Terms of Reference.

Selection Criteria

Primary programme full assessor (s) should possess the following qualifications, skills and experience:

  • A minimum of a Master’s Degree in a relevant field such as social sciences, or other relevant disciplines;
  • Significant prior experience in qualitative and quantitative research and project evaluations/assessment (evidence and references will be required);
  • Experience in working with vulnerable children/young people and their families;
  • Fieldworkers should preferably be able to speak local languages for direct communication with the project beneficiaries.

The following criteria are used when assessing tenders (to be undertaken by SOS Children’s Villages Executive Committee)

  • Tenderer’s proposed Methodological Approach, Work Plan and Budget (weight 30%)
  • Tenderer’s relevant previous experience (30%)
  • Expertise and skills specific to the service required including
    1. knowledge and understanding of children’s rights
    2. knowledge and understanding of NGOs;
    3. interviewing skills;
    4. report-writing skills and experience in undertaking similar assessments.

General information

All questions and enquiries as well as all complete proposals should be submitted by email to

The deadline for submission is 00:00 your local time on 20 June 2017.

All Consultants will be notified by email when a decision has been made on the selected applicants and the possible date for interviews.

The applicant should confirm whether he/ she may have or not have potential conflicts related to the requested services.

For More information regarding the evaluation and the centres, see the appended terms of reference.