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Community Social Centres

We get stuck into the community too!

In addition to the villages that house around 1000 children, we have community social centres in Qwa Qwa, Sekhukhune and Mathanjana. These centres enable us to partner with community-based organisations, local government and the communities themselves to offer care, assistance, skills development and a safe environment to the children in the area who need it.

The SOS community social centres aim to provide:

  • advocacy for children’s rights,
  • family capacity building,
  • child education support,
  • child growth and development.


Each year the Mathanjana social centre manages to further its reach deeper into the community. It is one of two SOS facilities in the province of Mpumalanga meeting the needs of this eastern community.

Supporting: 201 families, 647 children, 15 adults

Mthanjana regularly spearheads programmes based on the needs of the community. And there is never a dull moment! After securing land from the local tribal authority, the team began a communal Vegetable Garden project.

At the end of last year’s education support project, 64 children were successfully promoted to the next grade at school and 11 children passed grade 12. A ‘Safe Park’ initiative has also been started to give the local children a safe place to play and for the centre to cater for developmental activities to take place.

Qwa Qwa

Qwa Qwa is our Free State facility - bringing together four family homes, integrated into the community, and a fully active community social centre.

Supporting: 212 families, 428 children, 17 youth

Following an approach of ‘One child, one friend, one movement’ the Qwa Qwa social centre focuses on forming partnerships to ensure that the programmes they offer are rooted in the community. By strengthening the community involvement, the community will take full ownership of the programmes. And there is nothing we cherish more than the community rising up to address the challenges faced by its own people. Especially its children.

Speaking of which, 17 Grade 12 students supported by the education programme passed their final school year at the end of 2014. An excellent result for the programme and the children!


In South Africa’s most northerly province, Limpopo, the Sekhukhune social centre caters to 2600 children and adults across several communities in a variety of ways every day.

Supporting: 4 family homes, 572 children
Feeding: 170 children a day

The Sehkukhune centre has made great strides in the community over the past year. To name a few achievements: 170 children who had no food for dinner and breakfast are receiving meals every weekday and they are no longer starving; 50 children who were attending school with no shoes and other school clothing received school uniforms donated by Woolworths Groblersdal; 50 teenage girls who were sometimes not going to school due to not having sanitary pads are now attending regularly since receiving sanitary pads each month.