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  • SOSCVSA will not enter into partnerships with companies engaged in the sale of alcohol, tobacco, arms and weapons, and gambling (except charity lotteries).
  • SOSCVSA will not enter into partnerships with companies that utilise child labor in any aspect of their activities or supply chain.

Marketing Guidelines

  • Although SOSCVSA is the beneficiary of donations through its partnerships, we have no ability to sell or distribute products for our partners. While SOSCVSA may publicly acknowledge its corporate partners, we cannot advertise for our partners or promote our partners’ products and services because of our non-profit status. To help raise awareness of SOSCVSA, we ask our partners to publish our URL ( and associated messaging on all promotional materials, press releases, and other partnership outreach materials.
  • SOSCVSA is happy to provide partners with language to use for this purpose. For all marketing programmes, SOSCVSA requests that partners provide consumers information about our work around the world, along with a way to contact SOSCVSA for further information.
  • SOSCVSA owns the registration for the SOSCVSA name and logo. These are licensed marks, and written permission is required for their use. In order to use these licensed marks, a company must enter into a written contract with SOSCVSA outlining how the company will use the licensed marks.
  • Cause-related Marketing

Without a fully-executed contract, use of the SOSCVSA name and/or logo is strictly prohibited. Sale of Products and Commercial Co-Venture If you wish to contribute a percentage of proceeds from the sale of a product, you must provide a sample to SOS Children’s Villages for review. We accept drawings and/or photos in cases where the product is still in development. In its simplest terms, a commercial co-venture is a relationship where a company promoting a product or service fully discloses to the public that a specified portion of the proceeds will benefit a cause. SOSSA cannot give legal advice to organisations or corporations that conduct programmes or promotions with us; we advise them to seek legal counsel to ensure that they comply with these registration requirements.