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Marketing partnerships

SOSCVSA welcomes the opportunity to develop corporate marketing partnerships. The following guidelines will help you determine if a partnership with SOSSA will help meet your business objectives.

We look for partners that:

  • • Have a solid history and strong brand image (a minimum of one year in business is preferred).
  • Want to make a significant, clearly-defined contribution to the global community.
  • Provide products or services that offer a natural affinity to SOS through demonstrated shared values, such as a focus on children, family, or moms.
  • Embrace social responsibility through any of the following: History of philanthropic activity and/or donations, especially supporting children’s causes globally through donations, in-kind support and other forms of assistance;
  • History of supporting employee actions such as community outreach, volunteering, payroll donations, or matching gifts; and CSR policy in place and history of active implementation.