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Local Child Sponsorship

Your Sponsorship will mean that more children in South Africa will experience a loving home, either by becoming part of an SOS Family, or through one of our projects supporting families. We accomplish all of this with the support of Sponsors just like you, thank you.

SOS Children’s Villages looks after children at risk, who have been abandoned, orphaned, or are from a situation in which the biological parent(s) simply cannot look after them. Often the stories that the children has lived through have cause them overwhelming distress. Coming to live in one of our Villages means a new start, and SOSCVSA commits to providing a loving home for that child all the way through to when he or she heads off to live an independent life. We will also ensure that, wherever possible, siblings are kept together.  We understand how important the sibling bond is for a child.

During those many years of care, the child will have built up a unique and precious bond with their SOS Mother, an extensively trained caregiver who lives in the family home within the Village, and will have developed bonds of family and friendship with other children that will last a lifetime.

To be able to provide this we will need to be able to rely on your support each month.

In return, you will receive some information pertaining to the child.  You will know that, as the months and years go by, you are giving a second chance, a new life, to a child.  Your support will help look after not just your Sponsor Child but others in our care too, however, you will receive annual updates which include information on the progress of the child’s progress at school, a new photo each year, so you can see your specific Sponsor Child grow and develop.

You really are providing a child with a new start and a loving home. On behalf of the child for whom you are making this a reality: thank you. We can’t do it without you.

Click here to sponsor an SOS child.