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Sponsorship FAQs

Q. Why are Sponsors so important?
A. Having Sponsors allows us to plan with confidence for the future. Our care for a child in need of a loving home extends for many years, and we want to be able to help more children. We can’t do it without you.

Q. Why do you only collect Sponsorship by Debit Order or Credit Card?
A. We do this for three main reasons:
  - It is easy: once the arrangement is set up (and we take care of all of this for you), you don’t need to worry. The agreed amount will be taken from your bank account or credit card on the same day each month.
  - It is safe: you know exactly where your money is going and are in complete control.
  - It is cost effective:  this method ensures that even more of your donation is spent on the children who need it most

Q. Are my details safe?
A. Yes.  As an organisation, we place the highest priority on the safety of your personal information. The financial details contain no sensitive information which could be used to access your account by anyone other than SOS CVSA and we comply with all relevant Data Protection Legislation.  Your details are safe.

Q. How long should I sponsor for?
A. This is an easy one: we would like you to support your Sponsor child until they leave the village and begin an independent life.  We hope you will continue for as long as you possibly can, but you are in complete control of your sponsorship, so if you need to amend it at any time, just let us know – our contact information is provided. We do hope you will get a great deal of joy from seeing your Sponsor Child grow and develop and you will want to keep donating.

Q. What if my circumstances change?
A. We understand that financial circumstances can change, so, if you need to amend your Sponsorship, cancel it, or have any questions,  please contact us on 

Q. Can I change the day of the month on which my Sponsorship is collected from by bank/credit card?
A. Yes, please contact us and this can be arranged

Q. Is my giving tax efficient?
A. Yes.  You will receive a certificate confirming your donations each year.

Q. Where will my money be spent?
A. Your Sponsorship will be spent on your Sponsor Child and others in our care right here in South Africa.

Q. Am I the only Sponsor of my Sponsor Child?
A. Your Sponsor Child may or may not have other Sponsors, and many of our children have no Sponsors, for a variety of reasons. This is why we are clear that the money you give will be used for the care of your Sponsor Child and others within our Villages.  It would not be fair to all of our families otherwise.

Q. Will you keep me up to date on my Sponsor Child’s progress?
A. Yes, we send out regular email updates on our work, and two updates a year on your Sponsor Child’s progress.  One of these will include an updated photo for your picture frame, which we hope you will be proud to display.

Q. Can I visit a village?
A. Visits to a village can be arranged. For more information, please contact our Head Office at 011 234 8708, through whom any visit must be arranged in advance. You will be asked to confirm your agreement to the SOS Child Protection Policy and a Visitors Agreement.

Q. Can I write to my Sponsor Child?
A. Yes, absolutely. Your Sponsor Child will be delighted to receive a letter and hear news from your family. Please be aware that language considerations mean that it will not always be possible for the child to reply.  In order to write to your child, please send your letter c/o SOS Children’s Villages at the address provided, and we promise to make sure your Sponsor Child receives it, and knows how much you care.